why is it difficult to make a decision?

we tend to wander our mind to make a simple decision, just because we have plenty of options or May be because we are more greedy. Everyone wants the best in their life, we want to get the best in whatever we choose, whether it a product or an act. Decision making  is one the most important part of our life. It is there in our every day life and throughout the life, like.. we have to choose the right school, right major, right course, right college, right job, right life partner, etc., but the possibility of getting everything right is 0.00001 %, which is almost impossible. So how to take the right decision??

It is not that we have to make the right decision….we have to make a decision for which we wont regret back, this is what is exactly called “THE RIGHT DECISION”. Being a management student I study a lot about decision making but all that theoretical facts doesn’t work in the real life decisions. Some people regret for not regretting on their decision…so, what I mean is not regretting is also not a right decision. Am I not confusing?? we should regret, we should think about the opportunity cost but not after taking the decision. In simple terms a good decision is taken only by thinking…thinking deeply….thinking broadly….thinking widely…while thinking we may get dilemmas but never mind, do what your heart says. while making business decisions you should think from your mind but while making life decisions you should think from your heart, because the regression and dilemmas starts from your heart.

Take a deep breath..

Wide open your eyes, heart and mind..

Take your own time to think, before taking a decision..

Gather the consequences of taking a particular decision..

Discuss with your well-wishers…remember I said just to discuss not to depend on their opinions..

Finally make the decision..

Do the decision..

Last but not the least, don’t forget to close  your heart and mind, because that is where we make mistake by rethinking. You can think plenty of times while making decision but once after making a decision don’t just think, just implement it.

We are the masters of our life, life decisions are the most important aspects of our life.Be bold and firm in your decisions, don’t let your mind and heart wander.




downloadThe term ‘BRAND’ plays a major role in marketing a product. To make a product successful it should create a brand image among the consumers. While learning the consumer’s behaviour, it is very evident that the fascination and hype for a particular product is because of its BRAND NAME.

In this 21st century, for a product to be successful and to sustain in a market for a long period of time it need to have,

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Cost efficient
  • Brand image

Thus creating brand awareness is much necessary for a marketer. Publicizing a brand name is not as easy as possible as it deals with the consumers of young pulses. Products like watches, Beverages, Sunglasses, Shoes are popular among youngsters due to the brand impact it creates among them.

So, how to create an effective brand name?


A name becomes popular only when it became common i.e. it should come around the mouths of everyone. Similarly, the fewer the number of words for the brand, the easier it is to be remembered.


Sometimes words are not spelt out the way it sounds, and people may have difficulties searching for the company on the net. For example, although “Xerox” has become an effective brand name that became synonymous with “photocopy“, it probably had some pronunciation issues when it first existed. People might have mistaken the pronunciation with the incorrect spelling of “Zerox”. The company may have lost a significant portion of their potential customers just because these people couldn’t get the spelling right.


It needs to be memorable. In order to create an interest among the people, it must be odd out of other brand names. The name should not resemble the exact meaning of the product and it might kill the curiosity of the customer. It should not be related to its close competitor’s name.


A brand name must me more attractive and stylish. The name must create a major impact on the mind of the people. People often love to use abridged form of any terms. In such case, even the abridged form must also sound stylish. For example CoC from Coca-Cola, McD from McDonalad’s and many more.


The Brand name and Logo go hand in hand. Make sure that the people can identify the logo with the brand name. Human mind tends to remember visuals. Thus the name and the logo play a significant role in branding. Image logos are more powerful than word logos.


The name should somehow relate to its business product. It must give a hint on what kind of services/products it actually provides. For example, the search engine “GOOGLE” might have given us the impression of “googly” eyes, which we can associate with searching for things. Such a company name lets people effortlessly identify with what the company provides and serve as a good anchor in their memory.